Saturday, October 30, 2010

Stucco finish

We're finally getting to a close of our stucco finish. Last week, the stucco sub has put the yellow finish coat on the rooftop chimney for our review- and the 30/30 spray -n coat came out nice and evenly. Once the repair of the brown coat cracks have been completed, we'll start installing the fiberglass mesh (helps to reduce cracking of the finish coat) and the stucco guys will go over it with their color coat right away.
We got our finish coat factory mixed- That way we avoid the unsightly variations in color that you often get when small areas and single family homes are being stuccoed.
So far it looks great- Let's see what a bigger area looks like.

We also ordered our fruit trees- A Lemon, an orange, a lime, a fig and an avocado will complement the apple and apricot already on site. They'll be watered by the graywater system.

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