Friday, October 15, 2010

Our tropical forest delivered

A few weeks back, we hand-picked the trees ourselves (at Gregory Palms in Orange). For the backyard, we selected a variety of drought tolerant palm trees, most notably a Dypsis Decaryi (on the far left-with the characteristic triangle shaped crown)a Bismarckia Nobilis (second from the left-with the large blue canopy), a Butia Capitata (produces edible sweet fruit), a Sabal Palmetto (not on the photo-looks like a Washingtonia, but is not as tall and not nearly as prolific, a Brahea Armata (5th from the left-a bluish slow growing desert species with beautiful flowers), a Chamerops Humilis (second from the right-as a shrub),a triple Archontophoenix Cunnighamiana (far right) and some Strelitzia Nicolai as background green.
Palm trees belong to LA like the sun and the smog. They've been planted for decades along the boulevards and avenues. So we want to make our backyard into a lush green oasis without wasting water (the palm trees are being fed by the graywater system) and will have a backup irrigation system until they're established. We are really excited to see them grow!

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