Sunday, October 10, 2010

moisture is the essence of

The typical exterior plaster application consists of 3 coats- The first 2 (scratch & brown coats) are of the same material (and no, brown coat is not brown, but gray), the finish coat is sometimes mixed with integral color (like in our case)and sometimes painted.
One of the important things about plaster is, that it has to dry slowly- if the moisture is being sucked out too fast, it'll show excessive cracking and the house looks like it has been through an earthquake. Cracks also facilitate the transport of water through the stucco and put additional stress on the building paper. Thus, it is a good practice to keep the stucco moist by covering it from the sun and wetting it for the next 48 hours.
After the brown coat is on, one needs to wait a minimum of 7-10 days before the final coat can be applied.

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