Monday, October 4, 2010

Mud on the walls

After the gypsum board panels have been installed, the metal corners are set and the mud crew comes in to finish the drywall. This is the time to smoothen out bumps and to see, how good a job the framer really has done. Uneven areas will be visible in the light later on- and that's what we want to avoid. We opted for a smooth finish for the best light on the interior - The photo is a shot from the kitchen high counter via the dining room to the living room fireplace. It shows pretty well the diagonal of the first floor design- a concept we used to integrate the outdoor spaces into the interior, rather than sticking on decks and balconies to a boxy building. When the big sliding glass doors are open, you can wander from inside to outside to inside again in one straight line- Thus, the outdoors become a part of the building which we feel is very important to SoCal Living. The unfinished box to the left is the place where the bookshelf will go.
On the outside, the stucco sub has started with the scratch coat, had to stop (good, because we had this heat-blitz last week) and will continue tomorrow with the scratch coat.

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