Sunday, November 7, 2010

Bathroom finishes

Over the past week, the finishes of the bathrooms have been one of the focal points of construction- Mortar beds and waterproofing have been added to the walls and the first pieces of tiles- in out case Cafe Creme Marfil from Daltile, a limestone, set in place. The main focal point of the Master Bath is the "picture of a tree", a piece of a Rainforest Green slab that has been put in the center of the wall. The natural veining of the stone resembles the branching of a tree. The tree appears to be leaning towards the bathtub on the left and you almost have the impression to sit in a pond under a tree.
The rest of the slab will be used for countertops in the basement to minimize waste.
We also set some more trees in the ground and now have only 3 of the major trees left to plant: The Butia Capitata, the Bismarckia and the Brahea Armata. They have to wait until the scaffolding is removed from the site to avoid damage to the plants.

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