Sunday, July 11, 2010


Finally, we got our windows delivered- and some of the have been installed so far (The picture shows the garage window). In terms of window manufacturers, there are a lot of different choices- some are really cheap (and you certainly get what you pay for there), others deliver quality that will last. We had the choice between Arcadia, based in the City of Industry and Torrance Aluminum, based in Perris. Both offer good quality windows and the profiles we needed for our house. In the end, we went with Arcadia, since they could offer a shorter turnaround time, have most of the facilities in-house and they're much closer to the construction site, thus we were able to have several pre-fabrication meetings at short notice and could work out tricky detail questions with their engineers rather quickly.
Customer service was very good and the windows are awesome- Energy efficient Solarban 70 glazing, nice hardware and thermally broken sturdy frames- We simply love our windows (Bill Gates can only dream of someone praising his "windows" like that)!!!
Our special Thanks go to James, Eric and Neal from Arcadia !

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