Tuesday, July 20, 2010

How do you cover your deck?

With deck coating, of course- We have 2 outdoor areas on the 2nd floor- one above the garage for the 2nd and 3rd bedrooms (see the rendering above) and one for the Master bedroom. In order to provide a walkable surface that also serves as a waterproofing membrane AND provides a class A fire resistance rating (very important in LA's hillside areas), we had to pick a deck coating product, that would fulfill all these requirements, and still look good.
We went with Endurokote, a local manufacturer and installer of deck coating products. They have a long track record, offer a variety of finishes and do a nice job- The deck coating consists of several layers: A base coat with a metal lath, a second, elastomeric layer, a third cover coat (the current state shown on the photo), a texture coat and a finish color coat. The last 2 coats will go on, once the stucco is in place to avoid damage by the plastering crew. Over the years, the finish coat needs to be maintained, the other ones should last a long time.
The bright spots on the deck are mini-puddles from condensate water that collected over the night on the roof ran down the metal panels onto the deck.

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