Thursday, April 8, 2010

A place in the sun

This morning we met with our solar PV consultant on site to explore the solar potential of our roof.
With LADWP steadily reducing the incentives to go solar, we felt it was time to check out, whether a PV system would be right for us. John from California Green Designs brought his little Solmetric SunEye, a high- tech fisheye camera with computer that determines the solar potential of a given site. What you'd be getting is shown in the picture- A scale with the month of the year running from top to bottom and a scale depicting the time of the day is on the bottom, running from left to right. Along the edges of the photo you can see the trees that cast shadows on the early morning and late afternoons on the roof.
We came out at an average of 96% for the whole roof- mainly due to the tilt of the roof and the orientation of the site. But it still is a good number and it makes it worth the effort to go solar.

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