Friday, April 2, 2010

Framing almost complete!

Abe is now almost done with framing- The roof sheathing is up and only the ripping, parapets and guard walls are missing. The photo above already gives a pretty good impression of what the house will look like. On the inside, most walls are framed, too and when walking though the house, you can already get a pretty good feeling of the spaces, visual connections and views. The design plays out well in reality so far- We have views of Mount Baldy from almost every room and bedroom #3 makes up for the lack of it with it's generous opening to the deck.
The stair from the first to the second floor with its open side connects the upper floor visually to the first floor and creates the impression of flowing spaces.
While the last remaining framing is being put in place, Abe is also working on the concrete stair from the sidewalk to the garden which will take approx. 2 weeks. Then, the only remaining concrete work is the garage floor slab and the driveway. We expect to start with the interior some time next week- Plumbing will be the first discipline to be installed.

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