Thursday, July 7, 2011

Nob Hill Haus received recognition by City of Los Angeles

Recently, the Nob Hill Haus has received a certificate from the city of Los Angeles, for "outstanding creativity in architectural and sustainable design" - We are really proud of the recognition and the attention that the project has received and hope that this will further the thrive for water and energy conservation. Our natural ventilation systems work like a charm- and during the heat wave last weekend, we had to turn on the A/C for only 2 hours a day (for the first time this year) i.e. from 2PM to 4PM- then we could turn it off and do the rest with natural ventilation (while our neighbors' A/C systems were still running for a few more hours). Especially the fans prove to be a great help to move air around the building. We then use the night-venting effect to cool down the building components before the heat of the day hits us again. In the garden, our little fig tree is producing fruit like a maniac- The tree was a stick, less than 3 feet tall when we got it (and we seriously thought about returning the sad thing) - but it is carrying more fruit than all the other trees combined- Amazing!

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