Tuesday, February 1, 2011

Graywater pipes are going in now

On Friday, Abe started to install the perforated graywater pipes and the supply lines from the building. The pipes have to be made of an approved material and be able to percolate the graywater through a gravel bed into the surrounding soil where it will be available to the plants. The rest goes down to recharge the aquifer. Our landscaping layout was arranged around the graywater system- All plants that need water on a regular basis will have a graywater pipe nearby- the fruit trees get even two. Everywhere else we are using drought tolerant or desert plants.
Parallel to that, the cabinetry is almost completely installed, the holes for the plumbing fixtures are drilled thru the countertops and Abe has started to work on the curb- He wants to pour concrete for that tomorrow.

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