Monday, September 6, 2010

Installing the Air Barrier

One of the requirements for the green building certification is to protect the main residence from the fumes and gases of the garage- Car exhaust is not exactly healthy. Build it Green thus requires to either detach the garage from the house or- as in our case- provide an air barrier that prevents the spread of VOCs and other toxic gases to the residence. So we bought the heaviest plastic sheeting available and started to staple it to the studs of the garage walls and taped the joints prior to the gyp board going up. The picture shows Grit taping joints at the ceiling.

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  1. it seems odd to me that 'build it reen' would expect a detached garage, as the utilization of space at it's most efficient level would be the preferred result. as an alternative, great sheets of plastic seem at best only temporary; when the MTA was building the subway tunnels and stations, plastic sheeting was installed to ensure maximum water containment. however, there seems to be many points of leakage, which creates doubts as to the effectivness of the product in order to control auto gases. sorry, just my musings; thourghly enjoying your ongoing updates and descriptions. marc