Sunday, June 27, 2010

Stair's poured

The photo is taken from the same position as the formwork picture on the previous post. Note that the stair slopes slightly down towards the right to direct rainwater away from the exterior walls of the basement. The stair has a rise of 6.75 inches and a tread length of 12 inches and walks pretty well. During the next week, the decks above the garage and at the Master bedroom will receive their deck coating finish. Then, Abe will put up the scaffolding to be ready for the fascia and the metal roof before the doors and windows arrive (which we expect on Friday).
From then on, the building can be wrapped in the weather resistive barrier so that we can start to install the moisture sensitive finishes, such as gypsum board and wood.


  1. I am building a similar exterior stairwell at the moment. Did you have to install a drain? and where in the system did you tie into?


  2. Adrien,
    a drain and waterproofing would be needed when your stair is lower than the surrounding soil- i.e. if water from the soil can seep thu the concrete (causes efflorescence= white stuff on the wall). The drain should be wrapped in a gravel pocket with filter fabric (burrito drain)and slope to an area where the water could daylight (like depression with landscaping -i.e. a shrub) If your stair is higher than the soil- don't worry.