Monday, May 3, 2010

About Water- Part 3: Gray is the new Green!

In a world of a constantly dwindling water supply (see the book "Cadillac Desert by Marc Reisner")the use of alternatives to potable water for non-potable applications in household and garden is nothing new and gaining more and more importance every year- In Europe, rainwater is frequently used to flush toilets and even to run washing machines.
Since in Los Angeles the rainfall pattern is everything but evenly spread throughout the year, an other, more reliable source for non-potable applications had to be found:
Graywater is defined as water generated by bathroom sinks, showers, tubs and washing machines that has not come in contact with human or solid waste. While its use is not permitted inside the house, it can be used for irrigation purposes. Given the fact, that more than 50% of the water use in a single family household is outside the house and does not have to be drinking-quality water, the use of graywater seems to be the logical solution.
The Nob Hill Haus has the first permitted system in the city of Los Angeles (see this newsletter article: )
and therefore forays into terra incognita of sustainable water use. But it was a step that we considered absolutely necessary and long overdue. We hope that many more will follow this example and help reducing the pressure on our fresh water reserves:

Be Green- Go Gray!

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