Friday, March 26, 2010

Framing & Rain Harvesting

The second floor has been framed to about 50% and will be almost completed by tomorrow. We have ordered the facade panels (they'll go to a fabricator first for cutting and pre-drilling)and are now zeroing in on the rainwater cistern to be used. Our research showed, that not every underground storage tank works for that- even if they say it would.
The most rugged products are made from fiberglass- such as the ones by xerxes corporation (heavy name- heavy product- Xerxes himself would not have been able to ruin those things)- but they also come with a price tag too high for us.
On the other side are PE-ribbed "bruiser" tanks. They are being sold by a number of firms, but when you go through the smallprint, you'll find, that they cannot be left empty, but need to be at least 25% full at all times. In a semi-arid climate like the one in Los Angeles, where there simply is no measurable precipitation at all for at least 6 months, those tanks are not an option either.
So we are down to the Dominator water tanks by Snyder or the Septic tanks by Loomis- both would work, we only need to see which geometry works best with the site constraints

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