Thursday, December 3, 2009

About water- Part 2- Selecting a toilet

The easiest way to solve the water crisis is to use less of the precious liquid. In 1992, The energy policy act mandated low flow (1.6 Gal/flush)toilets. That's 17 years ago! And still, some 1.6 Gal/flush toilets are being offered as low consuming fixtures.
So what REALLY is low consumption in the 21st century?
I did a bit of research and did not only look at fancy manufacturer's web sites but also at plumbers blogs- Mainly to see how they and their customers feel about them. Because above all, a toilet needs to flush. There's no point in having a super- savings fixture, if you need 2 or 3 flushes to get the stuff down. And it should also look decent.
So we ended up with the Toto Aquia 2 (the Aquia 1 has an open back- bad acoustics (=loud), and the Aquia 3 is ADA compliant, a bit higher and MUCH more expensive.
The fixture runs between $250- $300 and uses .9Gal for small & 1.6 Gal for big flushes. This makes the most sense to us, since you probably don't use the big flush as often and therefore could save some water.

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