Saturday, November 21, 2009

Material World

We also started a while a go to think about the materials we wanted to use in the Haus. First of all, we wanted the materials to speak with their own inherent color rather than paint finishes- We'll have wood floors with gyp board walls in white. For the bathrooms, we wanted to go with natural and manufactured stones -given the fact that tiles currently are more expensive than stone.

But aesthetics is only one aspect of selection- they need to be "fit for duty" in the locations we want them to use and -of course- reasonably priced.
So we started extensive tests with a number of typical household chemicals and tools to simulate the wear & tear. Scratching with knives, car keys and exposing the stones to red wine, port, vinegar and toilet bowl cleaner. The latter was particularly destructive on dark marbles and -totally unexpected- basalt. We got a big white acid stain on the black piece of stone that had become one of our closer considerations for the floors- well, not any more.

So the search continues and so does the testing....

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